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Introduction of Sialic Acid
Sialic acid is the common name for N-acetylneuraminic acid. We all know that the main functional characteristic substance of bird’s nest, a traditional tonic, is sialic acid. Bird’s nest has the functions of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, nourishing qi, etc., and sialic acid is the main bioactive component of bird’s nest, which plays the biggest role of bird’s nest as a tonic. credit. Since the content of sialic acid in bird's nest is as high as 7% to 11%, sialic acid is also called bird's nest acid. Sialic acid is also one of the constituents of human milk oligosaccharides in breast milk. Medical research has found that sialic acid is an essential nutrient element for the human body, and it is also one of the important components in breast milk that are necessary for infants. It can be called the "brain gold" of human intelligence development.
Brain Gold for Intellectual Development
① Sialic acid is a brain nutrient that acts on brain cell membranes and synapses, and it can promote the development of memory and intelligence.
② Sialic acid is the main component of neurons and nerve fibers, which can promote the development of fetal brain and retina.
③ Sialic acid has a protective and stabilizing effect on nerve cells, and the protease located on the surface of the nerve cell membrane can not be degraded by extracellular protease after combining with sialic acid.
④ In infants, the content of sialic acid is only 25% of that in breast milk. Since sialic acid is synthesized in the liver, when children develop early, the brain develops rapidly while the liver develops slowly. The sialic acid synthesized by the liver is difficult To meet the needs of brain development, so infancy especially needs to supplement sialic acid.
Bird's nest has always been favored by female users, because its main ingredient, bird's nest acid, is a natural source of MMP-1 inhibitors. By reducing the expression and activity of MMP-1, sialic acid can restore the aging and diseased biological cells to a normal state, maintain cell stability, greatly reduce the speed of cell decline, and prolong the life of cells to achieve anti-aging effects. Bird’s nest acid can effectively promote the development and functional repair of nerve cells, epithelial cells, and immune cells, and has the effects of improving immunity, promoting intellectual development, nourishing and beautifying the skin, and delaying aging.