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High purity N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Dihydrate in stock

  • CasNo:50795-27-2
  • Molecular Formula:C11H23NO11
  • Purity:99.38%
  • Molecular Weight:
1 week
Chemical Name High purity N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Dihydrate in stock
CasNo. 50795-27-2
Molecular Formula C11H23NO11
Molecular Weight

High Purity 99.38% N-Acetyl-D-neuraminic acid dehydrate

N-Acetyl-D-neuraminic acid dehydrate (NANA·2H2O) is naturally present in human milk and in foods of animal origin. NANA is a structural component of cell surface oligosaccharide chains of glycolipids that are bound to the cell membrane, with the highest concentrations found in the brain. It is considered a non-caloric monosaccharide since it does not enter the glycolysis pathway and hence has a negligible contribution to energy or nutrient intake. NANA possesses many functionalities, including increasing intelligence, enhancing memory, resisting bacteria and viruses, etc.

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